The “Picard” TV Series To Be Ongoing

The Picard Tv Series To Be Ongoing

Following the panel for the second season of “Star Trek: Discovery” at New York Comic Con this weekend, Trek Movie sat down with executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin and managed to get a few questions in about the other upcoming “Star Trek” series in the works for CBS All Access.

In August, Kurtzman and Sir Patrick Stewart shocked fans with the announcement that Stewart would reprise his most iconic role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in an upcoming series continuing the character’s story. At the time it was indicated the deal had only just been made so many details hadn’t yet been hammered out, but from all indications it looked likely to be a limited series.

That’s not the case according to Kurtzman who says the writers’ room has been fully up and running for four weeks now and production is aiming for an April 2019 start which would suggest either a late 2019 or more likely early 2020 premiere. That would likely put it before the third season of ‘Discovery’ which, if it goes forward, wouldn’t air until mid-2020.

Kadin then confirmed that the plan is for the Picard series to be ongoing with plans being laid out for “multiple seasons”. Kurtzman confirms ‘Discovery’ and the Picard series will be very much their own things and there are currently no plans for a crossover.

Kadin confirms that even if more “Star Trek” shows are greenlit and made beyond these two, the plan is not to have the shows overlap in terms of airing and in fact to have breaks between the various series to build up fan anticipation.