The Original James Bond Open To Return?

Sean Connery hasn’t done a film since 2003’s woeful “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and for all intents and purposes is retired from the biz it seems.

Despite claims that Lucas and Spielberg want him back for “Indiana Jones IV”, there hasn’t been any excitement on Connery’s part it seems to reprise that role.

However in speaking with WENN via, the now 76-year-old Connery indicated he would come back to the franchise that spawned his most famous role, but only at a hefty price.

“It would have to be something really considerable to bring me back. It would have to be an offer that you can’t refuse…If there was a good part in a Bond film, I’d certainly look at it…I would never return as James Bond. If the part was well written, I could come back as Bond’s father but it would cost them. It would definitely cost them” says Connery.

Hrmph, sounds almost like he’s joking – and yet fishing at the same time. Considering in the Bond canon that the characters’ parents died in a mountain climbing accident in France when he was a child, and “Casino Royale” stuck with this history by citing Bond as being an orphan, one doubts that despite the interesting idea that such a thing would happen.