The One Edit “Sausage Party” Had To Make

There’s no question that the Seth Rogen-produced animated comedy “Sausage Party” exploits its R-rating as much as it can. Easily the raunchiest movie of the year to date, despite being about anthropomorphised food and other household products, it’s a part horror film and part stoner comedy with plenty of sexual, violent and drug-fuelled gags abound.

Rogen, who also wrote and stars in the film, recently guest starred on The Howard Stern Show to promote the film’s release and revealed that there was really only one thing that the MPAA asked them to cut in order to spare the R-rated film from receiving an NC-17 rating. And it’s probably not what you might think.


In a film full of hilariously outrageous things from a violent vodka-fuelled douche to borderline disturbing jokes about used prophylactics, the biggest boundary pusher is saved until last – a massive omnisexual food orgy in the grocery isles. Even though the food not only has genders and sexualities, along with stereotyped personalities, everyone gets down with everyone in a hilarious scene which includes everything from a radish getting deepthroated to a Woody Allen-esque bagel rimming some pita bread/lavash.

Indeed the scene primarily focuses on the five main characters – a sausage (Rogen), a hot dog bun (Kristen Wiig), a taco (Salma Hayek), a bagel (Edward Norton) and the lavash (David Krumholtz). The five, three male and two female, essentially act out about eight or nine increasingly wild sexual acts with each other – some going well beyond human recreation (eg. the sausage going through the taco and bagel and up lavash’s ass). It’s the final one though, a ball busting scene, where the MPAA required one change:

“We probably added six things into the orgy that we were like, ‘These are our sacrificial lambs. They’re the chips we’re willing to lose.’ And we lost like an eighth of one of them. [laughs]… There is a pita bread, and you see his ball sack in the end orgy. And it had hair on it. And they asked we remove the hair from the pita bread’s ball sack. … So we digitally shaved the pita bread’s ball sack and removed the hair from it.”

Yep, the only issue was pubic hairs on a Middle Eastern bread product’s testicles. You can check out that smooth and floury scrotum when “Sausage Party” opens in cinemas on Friday.