“The OA” Won’t Get A Wrap Up Film

The Oa Wont Get A Wrap Up Film

Netflix’s mystery drama series “The OA,” which was abruptly cancelled a few weeks ago after two seasons, will not be getting a “Sense8” style telemovie reprieve.

Variety reports that Netflix and the show’s creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, talked about the idea of tying up the show’s loose ends in a movie format. However the series’ original plan was to run over five seasons, and a two-hour conclusion wouldn’t have been sufficient.

Also because Netflix itself is the producer of the show, no other network can intervene and save it. As a result, the cast has been released from their contracts and the show is very much dead.

Marling delivered a heartfelt thank you to fans and a farewell to the show in a social media post the other day, the news following intense fan outcry and even a hunger strike to try and get Netflix to change their decision.