The New “Who” Begins Filming

BBC News has released the first official image (see below) of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan decked out in their new signature costumes as the freshly regenerated eleventh incarnation of The Doctor and his new companion Amy Pond in the upcoming 2010 season of “Doctor Who”.

Filming kicked off a few hours ago in Cardiff, Wales on the fifth full season of the show since its revival in 2005, and the first episodes of both the stars and the new production team lead by acclaimed scribe Steven Moffat.

Moffat’s new role as lead writer and executive producer, taking over from Russell T. Davies, makes him responsible for the overall creative direction of the show along with the various story and character arcs. Moffat has penned the most acclaimed and award-winning episodes of the revived series thus far such as “Blink,” “The Girl in the Fireplace” and “The Empty Child”.

In a press release by the Beeb, Moffat says “Here’s me, with the job I wanted since I was seven – 40 years to here! If I could go back in time and tell that little boy that one day all this would happen, he’d scream, call for his mum and I’d be talking to you now from a prison cell in 1969. So probably best not then”

The new series, which airs next Spring, follows the three “Doctor Who” specials starring David Tennant which will transmit later this Fall and around Christmas time (specific dates are not yet set). The last of the specials will see Tennant’s tenth Doctor regenerate into Smith in its final moments.

The Sun has a gallery of photos of the pair during a break in filming which also reveal one of the earliest episodes guest stars – “ER” actress Alex Kingston.

In the Steven Moffat-penned “Silence in the Library” two-parter of the 2008 season, Kingston played Dr. River Song – a future companion of the Doctor who will have an unusually intimate relationship with one of his post-Tennant incarnations. A quick thanks also to Gallifrey News Base.