The New “Samurai Jack” Is Very Much The End

After more than a decade break, “Samurai Jack” returns to the Cartoon Network for a fifth and final season from creator Genndy Tartakovsky. Set fifty years later, the new episodes feature darker and more mature themes to go along with its new home as part of the Adult Swim timeslot.

Speaking with EW ahead of its premiere, Tartakovsky is adamant that new season will also serve as the final chapter for the journey of Jack and will be a “definitive end” to his vision of the character:

“This is it. This is the definitive end, and it’s a great end. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve storyboarded it, and I think it’s super satisfying, and it should close the door for me for Samurai Jack. Now, look, there’s 50 years between season 4 and season 5, and if somebody wanted to jump in and do some stories in between, but for me this is the end.”

“Samurai Jack” will debut its fifth and final season on March 11th.