The New “Ninja Turtles” Aren’t Teens?

A while back there was talk that the Michael Bay-produced upcoming cinematic reboot of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” franchise was going to be called just “Ninja Turtles”. That’s no longer the case, but it turns out there may be a specific reason for that title change.

CBM has posted leaked photos of a line of “Evolution Figure Packs” tie-in toy merchandise for the film. The toys pictured advertise three distinct evolutionary phases of the turtles.

There’s “turtle” – the pre-mutated regular turtle form. There’s “teen” which shows adolescent turtles in shorts and beanies. Finally there’s the fully grown “ninja turtles” – the version we’ll see in much of the film.

This has lead to much argument over the age of the creatures in the film, one which is said to be older than those depicted in the previous films (and essentially NOT teenagers like the title suggests), and whether we’ll see an early sequence with the ‘teen’ turtle versions seen in this range of toys.