The Murder Of “Miss Marple” Not Resolved Yet

Many are still reeling from reports of Jennifer Garner playing a much younger Miss Marple in an upcoming Disney-produced contemporary version of Agatha Christie’s elderly sleuth.

Now, Deadline reports that Chorion, the rights holders to Christie’s books, have said the deal with Disney hasn’t closed yet.

Agatha Christie’s biographer Laura Thompson has also said that the author would not have been happy with Disney’s desire to mess with tradition.

Reaction has come thick and fast to the news with mostly negative feedback, not surprising when you realise Christie is the single most successful book author of all time with over four billion copies of her novels sold, a record outstripped by only The Bible.

A few out there have strangely enough never heard of the character. For them, I’ve included the BBC’s 1987 version of “4:50 from Paddington”, the definitive actress in the role (Joan Hickson) in arguably the most famous Marple tale of all.