The Movies That Most Divided The Critics

One of the dumbest complaints in cinema is that of trashing film critics, especially in the frame of referring them to as a whole. Film critics are as diverse in their taste as everyone else, and there are plenty of films where there’s deep divisions in the reaction to a work by various critics on a film.

Gizmodo UK have now done a study in which they’ve looked at review aggregator Metacritic, specifically over 9,500 films listed with a minimum 40 reviews each, to determine which movies divided the critics the most and which ones were the ones they mostly agreed upon.

They came up with a Standard Deviation score for each movie – essentially the more varied the critical reaction, the higher the SD score. The more consistent and similar the reaction, the lower it was.

The result was that the Top 10 most divisive films listed were: “Melancholia,” “The Counselor,” “Sin City,” “The Neon Demon,” “Inception,” “The Hateful Eight,” “21 Grams,” “Youth,” “Under the Skin” and “Somewhere” with the likes of “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Passion of the Christ” just outside the Top 10.

On the flipside, the Top 10 least divisive films listed were: “Boyhood,” “Gravity,” “Moonlight,” “A Separation,” “Carol,” “Get Out,” “American Splendor,” “Spirited Away,” “Midnight in Paris” and “Dallas Buyers Club”.

The full list of 50 most divisive and 30 least divisive can be found at Gizmodo UK.