The Might’ve Been “John Carter” Sequel Titles

Before it became a big write-off for the company, Disney had plans a potential franchise for its 2012 film adaptation of the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” novels.

Of course Andrew Stanton’s “John Carter” movie under performed, a disappointment to quite a few people as the film has earned a small but loyal fanbase since release.

Last night, Stanton tweeted two images hinting at what might have been. The tweets said “Could have been cool. Had big plans… That would have led to even bigger plans.” With each tweet came the title treatments for the sequels “Gods of Mars” and “Warlord of Mars”.

Stanton has now moved on and is in charge of Disney & Pixar’s high-profile ‘Nemo’ sequel “Finding Dory” scheduled to hit Summer 2016.

Source: Twitter & Twitter