The Martian VR Spin-Off Hits CES

Just ahead of the film’s release on disc next week and timed perfectly for both CES in Las Vegas this week and the pre-ordering of Oculus Rifts headsets from tomorrow, 20th Century Fox has launched a Ridley Scott-approved VR offshoot of his sci-fi epic “The Martian”.

‘The Martian VR Experience’ allows viewers to step into the shoes of astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) and explore Mars. It places viewers in a first-person guided narrative which runs just shy of half-an-hour.

The viewer is stranded on Mars and is given such interactive tasks as driving a rover or preparing for liftoff to survive. Footage from Ridley Scott’s film helps tell the story.

Scott served as executive producer on the project, offering his input, while “Avatar” production designer Robert Stromberg helmed the project which was in production for seven months and involved about 20 animators.

It also follows the film’s tone, Scott saying: “we wanted not only to convey the fear and danger of the surroundings, but we wanted the viewer to also have fun with it and retain the comedic aspect of the film.” ‘Martian VR’ will be offered at a later date for download at VR content sites.

Source: THR