“The Mandalorian” Moral Ambiguity & Score Talk

The Mandalorian Moral Ambiguity And Score Talk

The “Star Wars” films have always been about very basic morality – very clean lines between good and evil and how the actions are all in an effort to balance out that unevenness. Therefore you don’t really get many ‘shades of grey’ characters beyond some in the periphery.

That changes with the upcoming “The Mandalorian” TV series with the show’s star Pedro Pascal recently telling the Associated Press that the series will heavily lean in more to the franchise’s classic western elements and so will explore the ‘center’ between the concepts and a more ambiguous nature to the character actions:

Pascal tells the outlet: “They separate good and evil so perfectly in the world of Star Wars, and in this one, it’s like we’re way more at the center. We’re past those borders and past those very, very linear, very specific lines of definitions.”

Meanwhile The Los Angeles Times has done a profile piece on the series’ Oscar-winning “Black Panther” and “Creed” composer Ludwig Goransson who discussed how he took some woodwind instruments into a forest in order to experiment with sounds he could make for the series:

“I wanted to get back to that nostalgic childhood memory I had watching ‘Star Wars’ and the excitement of seeing these kinds of really amazing visuals and with music that sounds like it’s coming from other planets. The way I approached it was to try something completely different. The loneliness of a single solo flute. The bass recorder became the sound of the Mandalorian. That’s how I started. … I wanted the core soul to be organic. Then I wanted to add a tech sound to it. And I also wanted to add on a cinematic orchestra, which makes it feel like ‘Star Wars’.”

Executive producer Jon Favreau says he was after something “a little grittier, a little edgier and a little more tech-oriented, something that felt half-tech, half-classic” and the composer incorporated it all along with infusing it with his own personality to “make it extremely catchy and iconic”.

“The Mandalorian” premieres exclusively on Disney+ on November 12th.