The Maltese Falcon Returning To Cinemas

A stone cold classic that essentially invented noir cinema, John Huston’s 1941 thriller “The Maltese Falcon,” is making a comeback on the big screen next week as part of Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies big screen classics series.

As part of a special presentation for the 75th anniversary of the film, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz will offer all-new commentary which will play before and after each of four screenings that will take place – 2pm and 7pm on February 21st and 24th.

Despite the limited number of screenings, the Humphrey Bogart-led film is going big with more than 650 cinemas nationwide involved.

An adaptation of Dashiell Hammett’s novel, Bogart starred as San Francisco private detective Sam Spade in the film as he competes with three unscrupulous adventurers who’re all after a jewel-encrusted falcon statuette. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Full details and tickets can be found on the Fathom website