The Lone Ranger Budget Issues Again

Almost a year ago Disney shut down pre-production on “The Lone Ranger” until those involved could reign in the budget from $250 million to a more economical $215 million. As a result the key players involved cut action sequences and their own upfront fees, but it did get the production going again and filming began late February in New Mexico.

Now, Heat Vision reports that according to insiders, the film is running days or possibly weeks behind its 120-day shooting schedule. In fact, the budget is already said to be back to its original $250 million tally and may have surpassed it.

Verbinski is again being asked to cut scenes and rewrites are underway. The fault of the cost blowouts is said to be due to both severe weather disruptions causing set damage, and construction of period trains for the film rather than hiring or purchasing of existing railroad vehicles.

Filming is not expected to be finished until August, but that still gives the project plenty of time to reach its July 3rd 2013 release date.