The Latest Release Date Changes

Paramount has set a Thursday, May 22nd 2008 date for the release of the next Indiana Jones movie. Its competition on the Memorial Day Weekend will be the Wachowski Bros. “Speed Racer” and the previous week’s holdover takings from “Prince Caspian”.

-The film version of monster-filled children’s novel “Where the Wild Things Are” will debut on October 3rd 2008

-“Get Smart” is released from the cone of silence on June 20th 2008

-George Clooney football comedy “Leatherheads” will debut on December 7th 2007

-Sony has set the trippy teen romance drama “Across the Universe” for a September 28th release, the week after it debuts kiddie fantasy movie “The Water Horse”

-Ben Affleck’s directorial debut flick “Gone Baby Gone” will be hitting cinemas October 5th.

-Seann William Scott comedy “Mr. Woodcock” has been moved up five months to a May 11th release.