“The Last of Us: Part II” Is Missing A Director

The PlayStation Experience in Anaheim over the weekend saw numerous exclusive video games for PS4 announced, with none bigger than Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us: Part II”. The game is still in fairly early development though, and from the sounds of it the series has lost one of its key talents.

Both the original “The Last of Us” and this year’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” were co-directed by Neil Druckmann and Bruce Strayley. Now, according to Kotaku, Strayley won’t be returning for the game at present as he is reportedly on a year-long sabbatical to rejuvenate his creative juices and gather his bearings.

Sony sent a statement to the outlet about his departure: “Bruce recently decided to take some much deserved time off after shipping two critically acclaimed games in the last few years. He’s looking forward to returning to the studio soon and jumping back in on his next project.”

What’s not clear is if that ‘next project’ is him rejoining the ‘Last’ sequel at a later stage, or him starting a whole separate project. Even if he returns, his absence during the game’s development and key parts of the production is expected to have an impact on the game which isn’t expected out until 2018 at the earliest.