The Joker’s New Visage At Last

As we knew on Thursday, a viral marketing effort had begun for “The Dark Knight” with this website serving as a political ad for Aaron Eckhart’s character of Harvey Dent campaigning for Gotham District Attorney in the upcoming “Batman Begins” sequel.

Now, over the weekend, Joker cards were “found” spread all over a comic book store in Southern California with the words “Ha Ha Ha I Believe in Harvey Dent Too.” A few hours later, up went the website which results in the same promo image seemingly defaced by the Joker.

Cute, but nothing of note really. An input box asked for users to submit their e-mail address, and those who did received a link with co-ordinates. Once entered, each co-ordinate removed a 1×1 pixel from an image – an image that seems to be Heath Ledger’s new look as The Joker in the film.

When I tested it about twelve hours ago, the image was half revealed – a collection of spots really, but features were showing up. Now this image has emerged over at batman-on-film which reveals the pic in full. The visage certainly fits in with Nolan’s more real and dark take on the character, one wonders how they’re going to keep this whole thing PG-13.