“The Irishman” To Clock In At 3.5 Hours

The Irishman To Clock In At 35 Hours

Following on from yesterday morning’s reveal of the release plans for Martin Scorsese’s big-budget “The Irishman,” much of film twitter blew up last night after The New York Film Festival revealed the film’s apparent runtime – a runtime that clocks in at a long 210 minutes (three-and-a-half hours).

The website does cover itself, saying the film’s “runtime is subject to change,” but the number does sound right considering Scorsese’s previous comments that the film would clock in somewhere between the three and four-hour mark. It’s the filmmaker’s longest narrative film to date (he’s made a longer doco), and the longest mainstream American narrative movie in more than two decades.

Steven Zaillian penned the adaptation of Charles Brandt’s nonfiction book “I Heard You Paint Houses”. Robert De Niro plays Frank Sheeran who admitted killing 25 men for the mob, including his friend, the Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. Joe Pesci plays Pennsylvania mob boss Russell Bufalino, and Al Pacino plays Hoffa.

“The Irishman” will have its debut at the festival on September 27th before hitting select cinemas on November 1st and Netflix worldwide on November 27th.

Source: Indiewire