The Hobbit Extended Edition Details

Along with a snazzy collector’s cover for “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” the latest issue of Empire boasts details about what we’ll get to see in the extended edition of the first film in the new trilogy – “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”.

Director Peter Jackson, co-writer Fran Walsh and producer/co-writer Philippa Boyens all spoke about some of the new scenes that will show up in the longer cut. Jackson says:

“We are putting things in the extended cut that are going to play straight into the second film, like this character Girion, who is defending [the city of] Dale using black arrows against Smaug. And the black arrows play a part in an ongoing story, for they are the one thing that can pierce the dragon’s hide.

There are also issues with [king of the elves] Thranduil (Lee Pace). We get some of the reason why he and the dwarves had a falling out – to do with these white gems.

You are going to get some serious Dwarvish disrespect of the elves at Rivendell.”

Boyens adds there’ll be plenty more scenes set around Hobbiton, while Walsh adds we’ll hear Barry Humphries’ Great Goblin sing a song.

Source: Empire Online