The Han Solo Film Takes Some Risks

The second of the “A Star Wars Story” spin-off films will be Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s youung Han Solo movie which will explore the origin story everyone’s favorite smuggler.

At present, we really don’t know much about the film beyond some basic casting and the inclusion of a young Lando Calrissian. Cinematographer Bradford Young (“Selma,” “A Most Violent Year”) however has a better idea and says it will be a very different “Star Wars” movie than we’ve seen before. He tells Collider:

“Don’t put those guys in a box because they have a vision, they know exactly what they want. They have no hidden agenda, but they do have an agenda; they have a way of seeing that’s very special, and their collaboration is genuinely unique.

So I have to say I had to get converted into that. I respect their work, I respect them as filmmakers, but I wasn’t quite sure if there would be a good marriage between what I’m trying to pursue and the work that I’m doing and what they’re doing, but they helped make that real clear to me early on by expressing some real interesting story [and] photographic ideas that really resonated with me.

So once they started really pulling me into that world, I realized how much these cats have come from the same pedagogy of filmmaking – in the visual sense for sure, and definitely from an approach in terms of how we want to make movies, they come from the same school.”

“They are prepared to say exactly what they wanna say and it’s complex, it’s layered, it’s smart, it’s visual, it’s dramatic, it’s funny, it’s uneasy, it’s unexpected. We’re doing our own thing, that’s why we’re there. Phil and Chris are there to bring what they bring to their films, their very unique vision, their perspective on story and they asked me to come bring what I bring, and so just for that it won’t feel like any of the other films.

Nobody at Lucasfilm is asking us to betray that, they’re saying ‘We’re in full support of what you do and we wanna make sure that we’re able to help you do it in the best way.’ It’s gonna feel like a Star Wars film, but we’re definitely gonna break some rules, and we’re encouraged to do that.”

The comments echo similar ones from VFX Supervisor Neil Scanlan this week (via Yahoo UK as Scanlan praised the first of the spin-offs, next month’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. He says the film takes risks and is better for it:

“What’s amazing and exciting about ‘Rogue One’ is that Gareth Edwards, who is a young dynamic guy, took on this huge responsibility of taking on this next film.

I think what he’s done is incredibly brave. He sort of threw the rule book out of the window and came at it from his own unique stance. It’s respectful to the genre, but brave enough to put his own twist on it. For that reason there is quite a unique and exciting feel to this film that we maybe haven’t seen before.”

The untitled Han Solo film starts shooting early next year ahead of a May 2018 release. “Rogue One” opens on December 16th.