The Girl With The Rude Posters & GB Trailer

Several days and 1.5 million hits later, Sony Pictures has pulled the red-band trailer for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Though the studio denies it was responsible, the general thought seems to be this was a online viral campaign – and one that worked brilliantly.

A cammed video supposedly shot surreptitiously yet with quite good quality video and high quality audio. Added to that is the fact that it wasn’t taken down until the green-band trailer was available to put online almost half a week later. Even if Sony wasn’t responsible like they claim, I hope whomever did come up with the idea within the organisation is getting full props this week.

Said new green-band ‘All Audiences Approved’ trailer features a few different shots. Gone is Rooney Mara’s sideboob, Daniel Craig’s bloody forehead, the shot of a character in a plastic hood being lynched, the quick sex scene shot, Mara in the shower as blood washes away down her legs, and the shots of both characters smoking. Also oddly removed are some totally clean character shots like the pull up to Lisbeth from behind in the early part of the red-band, along with a few minor characters.

Thrown in to replace them are some more stylish shots of Mara, Craig in a room suddenly being pumped with gas, and Mara and a woman about to kiss. The super quick grab from the rape scene is oddly still in there though.

I have to admit, as a fan of the book trilogy and a lover of the first Swedish film, this teaser (both versions) have turned around my expectations. With numerous re-watchings the cinematography and bigger budget production values shine through, and I’m not saying this as some Fincher fanboy – I don’t like “Benjamin Button” and thought “Social Network” was basically a good telemovie which became highly over rated. More excitingly I can already see they’ve added stuff from the book that the Swedish film either skipped or under-utilised.

For those who like marketing to be a bit more risque, two variations of an international poster have emerged online featuring a topless Mara being held by Daniel Craig. The first version uses the film’s release date to conceal her nipples. The second however doesn’t, showing both with piercings that would make Janet Jackson proud. See for yourself below: