The “Ghostbusters” Villain Has Been Revealed

When is a logo not a logo? When it’s a bad guy.

Ahead of its March 3rd trailer premiere, Sony Pictures has been talking up its “Ghostbusters” reboot at the Toy Fair event in New York this week and in the process has revealed the identity of the villain in the Paul Feig-directed, female-centric reboot of the franchise according to PixelDan.

It’s not Gozer or Viggo, this time it seems the big bad will be Rowan – a ghost based on the design of the ghost seen in the franchise’s iconic logo art which was designed by producer Michael C. Gross.

Other ghosts popping up in the film include fan favorite Slimer and a winged demon of some sort. Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones take on the four lead roles in the film which opens July 15th.