The Game Awards 2018 Trailers & Reveals

The Game Awards 2018 Trailers Reveals

Following on from the “Dragon Age,” “Mortal Kombat” and “Far Cry” reveals, tonight’s Game Awards also included some big announcements for gaming fans across the world and plenty more game trailers. Amongst the news highlights:

The highly acclaimed 2012 PlayStation game “Journey” is finally coming to the PC with “Fortnite” developer Epic Games releasing it through their new digital marketplace at which just launched. The title will be available for sale shortly along with new titles like “Ashen” and “Hades” which have just gone online.

The creators of “ARK” announced “Atlas,” an open world pirate game built on the idea of exploration and conquering the whole world. It’s also a world that can hold 40,000 players in one environment and will launch on Xbox next year. Onto the trailers:

The first-person shooter sequel got a new gameplay trailer, one showing off a more colorful post-asteroid impact world and announcing a release date – May 14th for the Avalanche Studios title. The game also alows you to fight off mutants and scum with a boomerang weapon known as the wingstick.

EA has offered up a new clip going into the back story and world building of their upcoming Bioware sci-fi epic game “Anthem” which is still on track to release in February.

Devil May Cry 5
A new trailer for the long anticipated sequel from Capcom, one that comes ahead of a demo launch which will be available exclusively on Xbox One from tomorrow. The game itself launches in April.

The Pathless
The team behind the beautiful underwater game title “Abzu” have announced this title, a mythic adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest. It launches sometime next year.

Psychonauts 2
Double Fine and Starbreeze showed off the first story-based trailer for “Psychonauts 2” which introduces the Motherlobe, a secret fortress of mind secrets that the sequel centers on.

The Outer Worlds
Obsidian, the makers of “Fallout: New Vegas,” have used some of that Bethesda magic along with some extra humor and violence for their new IP “The Outer Worlds” for a new space-set title.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
You are a monkey living in ten million years BC Africa in a game that explores the missing link of humanity’s evolution. The project hails from Panache Digital Games which is mostly made up of people who worked on the early “Assassin’s Creed” games.

Various talent on the “Halo” games are now at Midwinter Entertainment and have teamed for this new multi-layer co-op title in which four-player teams are blasted into the snow-covered wilderness and tasked with surviving against the fierce backdrop of a new ice age.

Rhe directors of “Ark: Survival Evolved” have revealed this pirate MMO that is apparently 1,200 times bigger than “Ark” along with boasting a new level of realistic water physics.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
A Nintendo Switch exclusive, the fighting game sees heroes and villains from all over the Marvel universe coming together to do combat.

Crash Team Racing Remake
The PS1 fave fully remastered for current generation consoles, the Crash Bandicoot racing game returns with the ‘Nitro-Fueled’ edition hitting on June 21st in time for its 20th anniversary.

“Bastion,” “Transistor” and “Pyre” creators Supergiant Games are back with their fourth title “Hades” which is a rogue-like dungeon crawler and is already up for sale at EpicGames.

Among Trees
A back to basics and peaceful looking survival game with a beautiful cell-shaded aesthetic akin to “Firewatch”.

Journey To The Savage Planet
Typhoon Studios, which has many artists from the “Far Cry” games, offers this sci-fi game about surviving on a savage world with next to no equipment or help.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
The acclaimed PC game is coming to consoles with all new endings and sequences to explore.

Band together to take down the savage Behemoths threatening our world. Claim their power and forge your legend as the monster hunting PC game is coming to consoles and phones next year.

The Last Campfire
A cute indie title following a small creature exploring a big world and hailing from “No Man’s Sky” developers Hello Games.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
An indie cyber punk Nintendo Switch title from Annapurna Interactive with music and audio based game play.

Survived By
Human Head Studios, who recently launched “The Quiet Man,” have offered the trailer for this free-to-play online bullet-hell style roguelite which is a massive online adventure and one where permadeath is key to everything. It’s on early access now.

Dead by Daylight: Darkness Among Us
Some new DLC for the horror game title offers new spooky villains and a whole new area to explore.