The Full “Dundee” Tourism Superbowl Ad

They’ve made headlines for the past two weeks with their teasers leading up to this, and now the full “Dundee”-themed Tourism Australia advertisement is out with a 60-second version of the 90-second ad you see below airing.

Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride bring the iconic Aussie franchise back as they embark on the trip of a lifetime for the clip which promotes the beauty of the outback, the beaches, wineries and restaurants. And also sports a brief cameo from Paul Hogan himself.

The viral tease ultimately proved to be a smart move, the single ad would’ve had only a murmuring of interest had it just been one and done. The drawn out $27 million campaign leading up to it though has left far more of an impression than the commercial which makes fun of the fact it was being sold as a film:

Business Insider spoke with McBride about how he got involved in the gig which was a week-long shoot that was done last Thanksgiving in a campaign directed at American audiences. Click here to check it out.