The Fly Gets A Comic Sequel

David Cronenberg’s 1986 creature feature classic “The Fly” is getting a comic book sequel.

Brandon Seifert (“Hellraiser,” “Witch Doctor”) is penning the five-issue miniseries entitled “The Fly: Outbreak” which follows the almost-human son of Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) who is trying to find a cure for his mutated genes.

He appears to discover a breakthrough, but it’s one that anyone exposed to risks being turned into a monster as well. Artist menton3 (“Silent Hill,” “Monocyte”) will paint the interior and cover art.

It sounds as though the film will ignore the events of the actual film sequel, 1989’s “The Fly II,” which Cronenberg wasn’t involved with. Renny Harlin developed another sequel called “Flies” which never filmed, while Cronenberg was said to be considering a sequel recently – one that was deemed “too radical” by the studio.

Source: Heat Vision