“The Flash” S4 Villain Not A Speedster

After three seasons with the main season-long villain being a speedster, “The Flash” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says on Saturday that they’ll change things up next season.

During The CW’s DC TV panel at PaleyFest, Kreisberg revealed the news which led to the packed Dolby Theatre erupting in thunderous applause. This season has come under fire for the use of the God of Speed Savitar – a character that isn’t a huge leap from both Reverse-Flash and Zoom in the previous seasons.

Kreisberg is sticking by the choice though, saying Savitar was the right villain for the current story:

“With Savitar, we know who he is and we’ve been planning this for a while. The first two seasons were about having fun with his powers, and this season for Barry [Gustin] is really about the pitfalls of having powers and that’s the story we wanted to tell. That’s why Savitar was the perfect villain for that story.”

“The Flash” continues this coming week with a musical episode crossover with “Supergirl”.

Source: The Live Feed