“The Flash” & “Jessica Jones” Cast Up

Hartley Sawyer (“The Young and the Restless,” “GCB”) has been cast as the heroic Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, in the upcoming fourth season of The CW and DC’s “The Flash”.

The character is a fast-talking private investigator who has the power to stretch his body to any shape or form. In the new season, he’ll use his abilities to help Team Flash solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.

He joins a cast that includes Neil Sandilands as the new season’s main villain The Thinker, and Danny Trejo as feared bounty hunter Breacher.

In other superhero TV casting news, J.R. Ramirez (“Power”) has joined the cast of the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s “Jessica Jones”.

In the series, currently shooting in New York, he’ll play the new superintendent of Jessica’s building, a devoted single father whose young son becomes enamoured with Jessica.

“The Flash” returns October 10th. “Jessica Jones” will return sometime in 2018.

Source: EW, TV Line