The Flash Gets New Photos, Promo, Villain

The DC villain character of Girder, aka Tony Woodward, is joining the cast of The CW’s “The Flash”.

In the comics Woodward was a bratty steelworker who was dunked in a vat of molten metal that had been tainted by S.T.A.R. Labs waste. He emerged as a mass of iron, impervious to most anything (except rust).

In the show, Woodward used to bully young Barry in the schoolyard, and is now can transmute any part of his body into solid steel. The role is said to be a recurring one and will be introduced in the sixth episode of the new season, but it hasn’t been cast as yet.

Speaking of Flash villains, the first photos are out of “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, the iconic DC villain with a chilly edge. Miller isn’t donning the signature costume in the photos but is sporting a new ‘silver fox’ look for his scenes which were being filmed in Vancouver.

Source: TV Line