“The Flash” 100th Gets Multiple Enemies

The Flash 100th Gets Multiple Enemies

The upcoming 100th episode of The CW’s “The Flash” goes to air just before this year’s DC three-night crossover titled ‘Elseworlds’ which has been eating up the lion’s share of the press surrounding the series in recent months.

It turns out the network isn’t going to be cutting corners on the 100th either which will apparently be quite different from the usual episodes. Previously Iris West actress Candice Patton promised the ep “revisits what makes our show special”.

Now, appearing at MCM London Comic-Con this weekend, actor Tony Todd revealed that he’s recorded new dialogue as Zoom for the episode. In fact, he says a number of the big bads from previous seasons are all returning and ‘wanting a piece of Barry’ which has led to speculation that Reverse-Flash, Savitar and The Thinker might be coming back too and will be joined by current villain Cicada who actor Chris Klein has confirmed will be involved.

Harrison Wells himself, actor Tom Cavanagh, is directing the 100th episode which will serve as the eighth episode of the current fifth season and will air December 4th.

Source: TV Line