The First Xbox One X Commercial

The first TV commercial has been released for the new console release Xbox One X which is being marketed on the slogan ‘feel true power’. The clip includes a collection of current and upcoming clips and some upcoming movie footage.

The Xbox One X is said to boast 40% more power than any other console and is capable of ‘true 4K gaming’ with titles that ‘look great, run smoothly and load quickly’ and will retail for $499 when it hits store shelves on November 7th. Of course the big question is regarding the audience for the machine and its performance.

Performance wise, the holy grail of gaming has been a machine with a graphics card capable of three things – 4k resolution (3840×2160), a minimum (and consistent) 60 frames-per-second, and every setting on ‘Ultra’. The most powerful graphics card on the market, the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti with 11 teraflops of power, can’t do all three on every title – especially some recent AAA titles like a “Ghost Recon” entry.

The Xbox One console boasts 6 teraflops of power, which puts it about on par with a 980Ti/1060 PC graphics card and is what one would dub a mid-level PC. For its price point it certainly is a good value, as constructing a PC of similar power would likely cost more.

However the Xbox One X doesn’t have access to Steam, Origin, mods, etc. along with it not being upgradeable. With Microsoft having effectively abandoned exclusivity due to the move to Windows 10, all games on the console are also coming to PC which has led to several columns being published – such as on at PCGamesN suggesting the release will actually push more people towards the PC gaming market.

The Xbox One X has a few advantages beyond raw power though with its ability to play old Xbox and Xbox 360 titles along with all Xbox One discs. In regards to the latter, updates will be made available that will allow for these old games to make use of the new machine’s power.