The Fate Of “Chuck” Looking Good?

Late last week Zachary Levi told E! Online that NBC will not renew or cancel its beloved spy dramedy “Chuck” for at least another week.

Levi said according to producer Josh Schwartz, the network is making their final tallies and decisions right now but the decision wouldn’t be announced until sometime after NBC’s upfront presentation to advertisers later today.

Over the weekend however, Deadline Hollywood Daily said that the decision may have already been made and will be announced today with the show being renewed alongside other ‘on the bubble’ but much more certain safe bets like “Law & Order,” “Medium” and freshman cop drama series “Southland”.

While the fate of various shows has been in question for months now, “Chuck” has easily stood out from the crowd. Critics love the show and it is one of the few strike-afflicted debut shows that has blossomed rather than slumped in its sophomore season.

Yet ratings have been modest ever since the debut. While the show’s numbers are down, the drop has been minimal unlike its more famous Monday night cousin “Heroes” which has shed much of its viewership this year. I myself love “Chuck” and “Heroes” but gave up on the latter a few episode into this season.

Despite DHD’s report, All Your TV has posted a more sobering piece which says that “What I’ve heard from some of the suits at NBC and Warner Brothers TV, everyone seems to agree the show is worth saving. What everyone had had trouble figuring out is how to make it work financially. And how to reintroduce the show in a way that might bring in some new viewers.”

At the moment though the odds, while not certain, seem to point towards the chances of “Chuck” returning.