The Fanboys Turn On Fanboys

As previously reported, The Weinstein Company has reshot much of Kyle Newman’s long-delayed comedy “Fanboys” and now it seems to have upset a lot of people.

The story is set in early 1999 and follows a group of friends who try to break in Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of “Star Wars: Episode One” the reason they finally agree to do it is because one of the friends in dying of cancer and won’t live to see it in theaters.

Last month it was revealed that $2 million were spent on some extensive reshoots to remove the entire cancer subplot as it wasn’t going over well with test audiences. “Without a Paddle” helmer Steve Brill stepped in for the reshoots and handled the new cut of the film which was taken out of Newman’s hands.

Now, Cinematical reports that “both versions were screened for test audiences – and the new version only tested two points higher than the old version… But since Weinstein had to justify the fact that they spent an extra $2 million on the re-shoots, they went with the newer, flashier [version].”

On top of that, there’s talk of apparent plants in the audience to artificially inflate scores, whilst the only significant differences in the cuts are more nudity and swearing. Either way the film looked barely interesting before, and now the pre-buzz has turned decidedly negative.