“The Expanse” Gets A Fifth Season Renewal

Expanse Scores A Fifth Season

As we know, Amazon saved “The Expanse” from cancellation at Syfy and produced a fourth season. Last week came the announcement that said fourth season would premiere on the service starting in December.

Today, the news got even better as Amazon announced at the Television Critics Association that the series is being renewed for a fifth season – the early order said to be inspired by the show’s overall high quality and audience excitement for it.

The upcoming fourth season will send the heroes beyond the Ring Gate, exploring a bounty of thousands of Earth-like worlds that will create a series of escalating colonial conflicts between the Earther, Martian, and Belter nations.

There’s also an additional cherry on top – a new sizzle reel for the fourth season which you can see below. “The Expanse” returns on December 13th.