The Emperor Is Back In “Star Wars Ep. VII”?

Hands down strangest (and most dubious) rumor of the day comes from UK fan site Jedi News which claims actor Ian McDiarmid is set to return for a role in “Star Wars: Episode VII”.

McDiarmid of course played Emperor Palpatine in the original trilogy, then Senator Palpatine in the prequels. Considering his apparent death at the end of “Return of the Jedi,” word of his return is surprising.

The site’s source claims: “The specifics of the role are unclear, but it seems likely that McDiarmid will be returning to his signature role of Palpatine. Whether as the original [Palpatine] or a clone of, we are yet to discern.”

In the book tie-ins to the film series, the character is resurrected into the body of one of many clones he created before his death.