The Earth Stands Still Next May

The 1950s spawned many notable sci-fi classics with several of them, notably “The Time Machine” and “War of the Worlds”, having been remade. Others however are still in the works like “When Worlds Collide”, yet arguably the most famous one has remain hereto untouched – until now.

1951’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still” tells of a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to warn its leaders not to take their conflicts into space, or they will face lethal consequences. A demonstration of his resolve is that all electrical power on Earth is suspended for half an hour.

Whilst the giant robot Gort, the silver alien spaceship, and even the saying “Klaatu barada nikto” have become cemented in popular culture, the film still stands as one of the more acclaimed and provocative pics of the era with underlying themes of religious symbolism, paranoia and an underlying message of piece combined with a dark and cynical take on human society.

Now, Boxoffice Mojo reports that 20th Century Fox has staked out May 9th of next year for release of a remake of the project. One posting is hardly conclusive even though BOM is very reliable, but the report was then confirmed by Fox to

From the sounds of it though this is purely concept stage for now as no-one is attached, but one wonders can the remake resonate in modern times as much as the original? It’ll be tough.