The Early Buzz On “IT” Is Excellent

The first press screenings have taken place for Andres Muschietti’s upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” and while reviews are still not being published yet, social media reaction is coming in from early attendees.

The results sounds excellent, with praise for all the casting and way it handles the adaptation. If there’s one surprise it’s that a lot of the reaction indicates the film has more “heart and laughs” than expected thanks to a healthy amount of focus on the kids being kids. Here’s some of the reactions:

“Just saw IT. Really well done. Cast were all great with some twisted visuals. Going to make a ton of money. Ready for the sequel tomorrow.” – Steve Weintraub, Collider

“#ITMovie is a very handsome, polished execution of a story you know inside out. The big surprise is Finn Wolfhard. Really earns his spot.” – Phil Nobile Jr., Birth Movies Death

“LOVED #ItMovie. Captured the spirit of the book & still created something new. Perfect combo of dark & fun. & The Losers Club was PERFECT!” – Rachel Heine, Nerdist

“Saw #ITMovie I loved it. Then took trash out in my empty, dark, stairwell… S–T FREAKED ME OUT CAUSE THAT MOVIE SCARED ME LIKE FOR REAL.” – Mark E. Reilly, ColliderVideo

“I love the #ITMovie. It’s everything I wanted. Scary as shit, Skarsgard nails Pennywise, and the Losers are perfection..” – Haleigh Foutch, Collider

“The amount of violence and horrific imagery in regards to children is SHOCKING. They didn’t hold back. It’s great. Bill Skarsgard is putting in a performance that is going to turn him into the Freddy Krueger of a new generation” – Drew Dietsch, Get Fandom

“Thrilled I can now say that IT is spectacular. Totally terrifying, but also amazing fun (the Losers are PERFECT). Top 10 candidate for me.” – Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend

“#ITMovie is everything I hoped for & more. Has heart, laughs & TONS of incredible scares. Fell in love w/ The Losers. Didn’t want it to end.” – Perri Nemiroff, Collider

“#ItMovie was spooktacular. Great cast, surprisingly funny, and genuinely unnerving scares. You’ll still be freaked out when you get home.” – Dan Casey, Nerdist

“I can say I saw #IT tonight. And IT was great. Cast is excellent. And, yes, Pennywise is scary! This will be a, ahem, monster at the box office.” – Jim Vejvoda, IGN

“Happy to say #IT is an effectively scary & faithful adaptation of (half) @StephenKing’s novel. Walked out very satisfied.” – Eric Walkuski, JoBlo

“IT makes me nostalgic for when I used to get scared by things because I don’t anymore. But man oh man, if you still do…” – Fred Topel, We Live Entertainment

“IT is creepy, bloody, super funny, adorably romantic and hands down among my favorite movies of the year.” – Erik Davis, Cinema Blend

“#IT definitely captures frights of the novel whilst adding a new fears. Major set pieces are bone-chilling -even summons a splash of tears” – Courtney Howard, ReelVixen

A new B-roll video from the making of the film is also out today showing off how they filmed some of the scenes. “IT” opens in cinemas on September 8th.