The Dragon Smaug Revealed On A 777

Air New Zealand has the world premiere reveal of the full look of Peter Jackson’s theatrical interpretation of the mythical Dragon Smaug.

How did they do the reveal? By painting a 54 metre (177 feet) long dragon on both sides of a Boeing 777-300 aircraft. The reveal comes ten days ahead of the release of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” in cinemas across the globe.

Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon says: “For our partners to allow Air New Zealand to reveal their star to the world is a huge privilege. We worked with Weta Digital which designed the graphic especially for us for this purpose.”

Jackson himself days: “To see Smaug fly off the big screen and into the skies like this is pretty exciting. we’re proud to debut him here in New Zealand, where our team has worked so hard to bring him to life.”

The aircraft will head to Los Angeles this evening, to arrive just in time for the premiere on December 2nd local time.