The “Doc Savage” Movie May Not Happen

Dwayne Johnson is in high demand and so some of the projects he’s linked to he sometimes takes a few years to get around to, such as “Rampage” which opens this week.

One of the other films that has long been on his ‘to do’ list is that of “Doc Savage,” a film take on the pulp comic hero which has had filmmaker Shane Black attached to write and direct and Johnson set to star.

The project hasn’t seen any forward progression in well over a year, and this week Johnson revealed to Collider that the delay goes beyond scheduling issues. In fact, due to rights issues, it may well never happen:

“First of all, love Shane Black and we’ve had multiple meetings on that project that we were going to work on. Right now, Shane’s doing things. I’m doing things. That project had a few issues, not creative issues but more so business affairs issues – where the project once was, who had rights to it, where we were trying to move it to. There was a lot of that, which we’re still kind of working through. At the end of the day, Shane’s such a spectacular writer or director, but whether it’s that project or something else, we’ve made a pact that we’re going to work together at some point in our careers.”

Johnson still has “Skyscraper” coming in July, “Fighting with my Family” in September, and is about to shoot both Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” and a “Fast and Furious” spin-off along with having several other projects on the way.