“The Departed” TV Series Is Not A Remake

Earlier this year came word that Amazon was planning a TV series based on Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed,” itself a remake of the famed Asian action thriller franchise “Infernal Affairs”.

From the looks of it this was just going to be yet another remake of the premise of the mob and police each having a mole in each other’s organisation.

This week though, producer Graham King surprisingly revealed to HeyUGuys that the show isn’t a remake but rather a continuation from the events in the film with the TV allowing for deeper storytelling opportunities. One change is the setting which will be Chicago rather than Boston:

“It’s starting again and adding to [the movie]. It takes place in Chicago right now and it’s very an early development stage, so we’re still playing around with the characters and the script. But Warners thought it was a great idea that we give this a shot.

I think TV is overtaking film…there are some subject matters that should be told in longform. Theatrical experiences can’t sustain a four hour movie. So, I think that if you’ve got a lot to say in a story, you’ve got a lot of different characters blending in, you can take your time and give the audience a lot more breathing room about each character…in a world like [The] Departed. We can really have some fun with it.”

Jason Richman will pen the script that will focus on a cop infiltrating a Latino gang, while a gang member works his way into the police force. Scorsese himself isn’t expected to be involved.