The Dark Knight Trailer Hunt

This evening’s worldwide scavenger hunt for “The Dark Knight” many hoped would yield the payoff of the new trailer. Well it kind of did.

In an admittedly clever trick, postings at TDK-UMB indicate those who turned up at the various different locations saw a screening of the new trailer, and then one lucky winner got to take home the film reel. At least one of the people there though filmed it and the crappy quality bootleg is already online.

In any case WhySoSerious has been updated with a new section which seems to indicate the trailer will go fully online in proper quicktime this Sunday. This makes sense – it allows the trailer to be loosely attached to copies of “Iron Man” this Friday.

The site also has some kind of bird hunting game at Sitting Ducks.

In other news in recent hours, a variation of the US domestic poster with the Joker instead of Batman has gone up at Film School Rejects.