The CW Plans “Survivors Club” Series

The Cw Plans Survivors Club Series

The CW and “Sweet/Vicious” writer Jared Frieder are reportedly developing a drama series based on the Vertigo comics title “Survivors’ Club” which Warner Bros. Television will produce.

The action is set in a world where horror franchise monsters are real. Twins Jason and Jennifer barely survived a demonic childhood possession that claimed their mother’s life and fractured their bond.

A decade later, when a new evil force awakens, the siblings join forces with other teen survivors to combat the literal and metaphorical monsters that haunt them.

Frieder executive produces with Len Goldstein (“Hart of Dixie”). The series would join the roster of other Vertigo comic titles currently on the air including “Preacher,” “Lucifer” and “iZombie”.

Source: Deadline