“The Crow” Remake Character Details

After years in development hell and working its way through multiple versions, the reboot of “The Crow” franchise is now finally on the way with Jason Momoa in the lead and filming to finally begin this summer in Budapest.

New casting details for the film have gone up today at Dread Central and suggest the new film will stick close to the original 1994 film’s story, even as it changes up some key characters.

First up, the character of T-Bird is to be the main villain this time around. He’s described as 30, strong and wiry with: “an endless hunger where his heart should be” and is covered in prison ink. He also takes over the old Hotel Reno on the outskirts of town where he rolls with Top Dollar and his notorious gang.”

The original film’s villain Top Dollar along with the character of Detective Albrecht are both being gender-swapped and will be women in this version. Top Dollar is now T-Bird’s love interest and she is: “a lean, reptilian woman who came of age amidst lust and cruelty and has survived by embracing both. She possesses an almost psychic instinct for seeking out a lie.”

Albrecht, on the other hand, will be akin to Ernie Hudson’s version in the original, just a woman this time. There’s also a new and nasty character named Ratso, and the return of characters Shelly, Tin Tin and Fun Boy. The Corin Hardy-directed film has yet to set a release date.