The Crow Reboot May Lose Another Director

In the wake of the Relativity Media bankruptcy, filmmaker Corin Hardy is reportedly looking likely to exit the upcoming reboot of “The Crow” franchise according to producer Edward R. Pressman.

The Wrap reports that this week Pressman filed an objection to the inclusion of the project among Relativity’s assets as it prepares for a sale.

Pressman claims that he is: “in danger of losing the services of the director of the picture… who is widely regarded as a key creative element. Thus, the production of the picture is imploding even as the time to make the picture is running out under the Crow contract.”

Relativity has apparently invested over $7 million in the project so far, and the rights revert back to Pressman if filming does not start within the next eighteen months. Pressman made the filing because he wants to guarantee that whomever ends up with the franchise will finance the project and release the finished film in cinemas.

Several studios and producers have reportedly tried to negotiate a deal, but Relativity has turned down every offer for what is arguably their most valuable asset in development.

“The Crow” is also currently without a star in the wake of the previously attached Jack Huston exiting a few months ago.