The Crow Reboot Is Still Alive?

One of the titles that was apparently killed the other week during the collapse of Relativity Media was that of the long in the works and long troubled reboot of “The Crow” franchise.

Despite its apparent death though, the franchise’s creator James O’Barr says the project is still very much alive. Speaking at the Twin Tiers Comic Con in New York State last weekend, O’Barr told

“It’s still very much a live property. The company, Pressman Films, that owns The Crow film and TV rights, licensed it to a studio named Relativity. And Relativity made like a hundred bad movies and lost money so now they’re in financial trouble. So the producers are just going to take it to another studio if Relativity can’t get backing again. It’s going to happen.”

O’Barr has reportedly been in touch with Pressman Films who’ve advised that the property should be able to find a new studio to call home in the next “two or three weeks” as other distributors are apparently keen on it.

Luke Evans, Jack Huston, Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell were the most recent people linked to playing the title character but there’s zero guarantee of any of them still being in contention.