The Crow Reboot Hits A Snag…Again

The long troubled remake of “The Crow” franchise has hit a snag yet again.

Legal and financial issues have prevented the new adaptation of the cult comic from going forward over the years with actors like Luke Evans and Jack Huston along with several directors linked at one point or another.

Then Relativity Media, who had the option on the rights and were trying to progress with it, filed for bankruptcy and is still crawling its way out of that mess. Now original rights holders Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation, who optioned the rights to Relativity in 2009, have filed papers in court in order to deny Relativity any sequel, prequel, or remake rights to the film.

In the papers, Pressman alleges that once Dana Brunetti came on board to run Relativity Media earlier this year, he fired the then attached “The Hallow” director Corin Hardy from the project – in the process violating the initial agreement regarding “The Crow” film rights.

A judge will reportedly hear the case this Friday.

Source: THR Esq