The Coens On “Lebowski,” “Fink” Sequels

For many years the Coen Brothers have often teased their press and fans in regards to sequels to their previous works, something they have yet to do to date.

The most common rumors have circled around actor John Turturro reprising arguably his two most iconic roles from their films together – a follow-up to “Barton Fink” and a “Big Lebowski” spin-off centering on his character Jesus.

The latter is mostly due to the actor himself who has expressed a desire to do it, but the Coens themselves seem to have no interest. Ethan Coen tells Empire (via The Playlist): “Turturro keeps urging us to do the ‘Jesus’ spin-off of his character. Yeah, uh huh” with Joel Coen adding: “People have been asking us about a sequel to ‘The Big Lebowski,’ for years, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

So what about “Old Fink” as it has been dubbed, is it just a dubious rumor or a joke the Coens themselves have made up? Joel says:

“We’ve talked about doing a sequel to ‘Barton Fink,’ which is just really to the enormous response and popular demand for one. But it would be ‘Old Fink,’ we don’t want to do it until Turturro is old enough in reality to play [the character].

It would be interesting to see what happened to that character. I’m not that interested in what happens to The Dude or Walter [in ‘Lebowski’]. I think they need to stay in their particular moment, but Barton Fink for some reason…I don’t know why [laughs]…We’ve also determined in our minds that John Goodman comes back as a kind of… not a Yoda-like creature, what do you call it, who’s the guy who comes back in ‘Star Wars’ as a kind of conscious voice? [Obi Wan]. Yeah, right.”

Speaking about Turturro’s age, Ethan adds:

“He’s almost there [in terms of age], it would be [that] character in the summer of love in San Francisco, teaching at Berkeley or something. He’s become an old lefty, but an ideologue who’s become old, cynical, and embittered.”

The Coens are currently at work writing an adaptation of Ross MacDonald’s Lew Archer crime novel “Black Money”, but are unsure whether they’ll direct it.