“The Chase” Follows Famed Nazi Hunters

Connect3 Productions and Boutique Filmes (“3%”) have forged a co-production partnership to develop and produce the high-end English-language scripted series “The Chase” which Rodrigo Castilho (“Mothern”) will develop as three seasons of eight episodes each.

Inspired by true events, story turns on the extraordinary covert operations carried out by a small group of Israel’s Mossad Nazi hunters as intelligence surfaced in the 1950s that Latin America had become a safe haven for many of the most terrifying of Nazi war criminals.

The series’ three seasons will range over twenty years. Season one deals with the man-hunt for Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960, Season 2 on Josef Mengele, and Season 3 on Klaus Barbie, the ‘Butcher of Lyon,’ who attempted to replicate a Nazi regime in Bolivia.

The Mossad agents, some of whom repeat from one season to the next, will be composite characters inspired by real-life operatives. Filming will take place in Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.

Source: Variety