The “Charmed” Reboot Back In Redevelopment

Alyssa Milano is having a busy 2017 so far with both a “Project Runway All Stars” hosting gig, leading the Netflix dark comedy series “Insatiable,” and making an appearance in the upcoming “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later”.

Reports in recent weeks though have linked her to the long in the works reboot of “Charmed,” the witch sisters series of which she was one of the three main cast members since its inception.

Last week came a report that she and her original co-star Shannen Doherty were in talks to reprise their roles while Holly Marie Combs was also said to be interested in returning. Combs then shot down the rumor on social media.

Now, in a new interview with The Daily Beast, Milano offered a lengthy answer regarding where things stand with the whole series. Turns out CBS Studios, not the network, has been trying to reboot the series for a few years without the old cast.

As the fanbase has been vocally against it, they now seem to understand the importance of getting it right and so redeveloped it:

“So they came up with the idea last year that they were going to do a prequel to our story but the script didn’t come in the way they wanted, and so it went back into redevelopment… The next thing I heard was that Netflix was doing it, but I heard that strictly from the media… I would think I would have heard what’s going on from my CBS Studios or Netflix contacts, but I haven’t heard anything.”

The actress does maintain that all three original stars, and later season co-star Rose McGowan, have all said out loud they’re open to a reboot or reunion of some sort. The series hit Netflix in 2012 and quickly became the second-most binge-watched TV series across the whole catalogue.