The Bourne Legacy Already Planned?

With the exception of the first half of “The Bourne Identity,” none of the films in the mega-popular ‘Bourne’ series have followed the three best-selling Robert Ludlum novels – despite using their titles. This Summer’s upcoming “The Bourne Ultimatum” only continues that trend it seems.

Thus it comes as no surprise that according to the Associated Media, the producers are planning to continue the franchise with “The Bourne Legacy,” and Matt Damon is expected to collect the biggest payday of his career – a cool $20 million upfront plus significant profit participation. The offer has gone out apparently, but no word as yet as to whether Damon will sign the deal.

One other key difference will be this time the film will actually borrow elements from the book, penned by Eric Van Lustbader. Notably used will be the villain, a Hungarian named Stepan Spalko who is planning a bacteriological attack on a meeting of world leaders in Iceland.

Also to be included, albeit somewhat altered, will be a subplot about Spalko’s personal assassin Khan – a young man who may in fact be Bourne’s own son and one who has grown up to resent the father who abandoned him.