“The Big Sick” Was Uploaded On Pornhub

It’s one of the more acclaimed movies of the year, and now the romantic dramedy “The Big Sick” turned up in full on an entirely unexpected platform – Pornhub.

In fact, it was the film’s star and co-writer Kumail Nanjiani who made people aware of the film’s leak to the major pornography site, saying in a tweet: “For those of you who wanna watch #TheBigSick with your families & don’t have Amazon Prime or can’t afford to purchase it: The whole movie is available on Pornhub. Don’t ask me how I know. It’s under ‘interracial’. This is not a joke.”

Shortly after the tweet went up, the site’s official Twitter account responded and went looking for the illegal upload but had some difficulty finding the movie: “Kumail, we are trying to find it to remove with no luck. The whole Pornhub team is frantically looking through “big sick” videos on Christmas Day. Thanks!”

The comedian responded back, seemingly not to worried: “Oh no. Oh. Oh no. I didn’t mean it should be removed! Enjoy your Christmas! You’ve brought joy to so many people! You deserve this break! “. The original upload is now gone apparently.

For those who want to seek the film out through more legitimate means, “The Big Sick” is now available to stream through Amazon’s Prime service.